Building a home is a big project. Jug Mountain Builders can make the process much more manageable and be your guide throughout the various stages of your project. We have the knowledge to navigate local building code and unique environmental factors, solid partnerships with material and service providers to ensure your home is built with the highest quality, and focus on building with efficiency in mind to save you money down the road.


Trust Jug Mountain Builders to guide you through the process with clarity and ease.


  • Introductory Meeting
    • Discuss the vision for your custom home
    • Identify a preliminary budget for the project
    • Preliminary walk-through of the building process
    • Review contract for service
  • Architectural Design
    • Site visit
    • Identify any regulations that may impact design
    • Communicate home needs, style, and desired features to the architect
    • Review preliminary design
    • Finalize architectural plans
  • Fixtures and Finishes
    • Identify desired materials
    • Identify desired fixtures
    • Identify desired custom details
  • Timeframe and Financing
    • Set target start and completion dates
    • Complete detailed estimate of construction cost
    • Complete financing if needed
    • Good faith deposit submitted, 20% of preliminary budget


  • Pre-Construction
    • Complete necessary insurance requirements
    • Secure building permits
  • Building
    • Ground breaking
    • Subcontractors scheduled
    • Jug Mountain Builders on site daily
    • Progress reports submitted
    • Change order management


  • Final inspections and occupancy permit issued
  • Punch list items completed
  • Move in and enjoy!